(VIDEO) XOR Motors is back, electric foldable scooter now called S'PLR!

Presented at the ADEME exhibition (which supports the project) electric scooters XOR demonstrated that they are seeing the way of production!

We had spotted them at the 2010 Intermot show in Cologne.

Prices announced then are still right with a leasing strategy for the batteries allowing a greater accessibility of the products, however the entry level model priced below € 2000 which was announced in 2010 is no longer on the agenda...


50 and 125cc equivalent versions will be available with a battery rental estimated between 40 to 50 € and prices between € 2,290 and € 3,100 for an autonomy ranging from 75 to 130km.
Charging is announced in 1h20.

XOR-motors-SPLR (2).jpg 

The market launch of the first models is expected this fall

S'PLR electric scooter folds in 20 seconds and the removable battery can be easily transported on wheels, like a suitcase, ideal for transport or charging in an apartment.
With the S'PLR, XOR hopes to develop intermodality.

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