(GALLERY) Sbarro Intencity is one bad-ass electric “city-car” concept

We were the first to make you discover this prototype from the French engineering/design school  Espera Sbarro, they revealed their prototype at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show and the least we can say is that it is impressive.

Espera_Sbarro_Intencity (10).jpg 

Attractive design but also functional with batteries placed on the side, two seats in tandem, and air intakes on the rear flanks to cool the powertrain...

Espera_Sbarro_Intencity (4).jpg

There is no doubt that with such a concept Sbarro will seduce those who still think that electric mobility is limited to golf carts ...

The 19 inches rims are impressive with wheels that literally stand out from the body, exacerbating the sporty look of the concept.

Espera_Sbarro_Intencity (8).jpg 

Rear wheel drive it is powered by a 100kW (136hp) motor, or half of a Tesla Roadster, for 980kg and a range announced at 180 km, the specs sheet of the Intencity is thrilling!

Espera_Sbarro_Intencity (6).jpg 

Thank you Sbarro Montbéliard for this green move!
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