2012 Automotive Design Conference Auto (R): create the urban electric vehicle of tomorrow

This conference which is now a European reference has been held since 2009, this year men and women who are among the best designers in the world will meet to be judged by their peers on a project.


They will have to create a micro urban electric vehicle, we are delighted to partner with this challenge and we will present a selection of candidates.

The requirements in short:
- Ground-based vehicle – no flying saucers please
- Three or four wheels – since this is a microcar, perhaps you’d like to think trike a like?
- Small footprint – easy to move around and easy to park is essential in big city
- Single seated or tandem (1+1 or 2 seats) – 90% of commuters ride alone, but people like to have possibility to give someone a ride
- Enclosed cabin – nobody won’t to get wet or cold, but that doesn’t mean open vehicles are not welcome, a long as they have roof, soft or hard
- Small boot capacity – what do you carry around city? Laptop, sport bag, shopping bangs…
- Electric vehicle – they’re just must have these days
- Excellent style – beside the fact this is design challenge, there is no excuse for bad design

And if you needed an extra push, let me introduce you to the jury: Gordon Murray, SebastianStassin (Kiska) and Frank Stephenson (McLaren)

The site GrabCAD also launched the challenge to their designer community, you can find the projects posted by them here.

Registration is now open until April 15th.

You can send your projects to Auto(R) here and by putting us in copy ([email protected]) you may be selected for an article on TechVehi.com.
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