Peugeot 508 Hybrid4, price from £ 31450 in England (€ 37800) and preliminary specs sheet, 78.5 mpg!!

While Peugeot France still has not revealed officially the price of their first hybrid sedan, the UK price of the 508Hybrid4 has just been announced.


The 200hp and 95g/km diesel hybrid will be available from £31,450 or € 37,800 after conversion, a price that should be similar to the French and European ones after governement grant (€ 2,000 for hybrids in France).

The press release also included some eloquent specs for the car... 78.5mpg or less than 3l/100km with a 0 to 100kph taking only 9 seconds!


The price listed would place the 508HYbrid4 between the 163hp and 149g/km 2.0l HDi 508 Feline BV6 and the 204hp-150g/km 508GT 2.2l HDi BVA6 (€ 36,850 and € 38,750).

In England and Europe the 508HYbrid4 is expected to hit showrooms in July 2012.

The crossover version named 508RXH is expected in May, it offers emissions of 107g/km for a confirmed French price of € 45600 government grant excluded.

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