(VIDEO) Electric Tour de France : final day arrival in Paris (Paris Rally + Greenwheel)

It’s already Friday... 5:30am Photoshoot in the Hospices de Beaune
6:02 to 8:48 departure towards Troyes, we arrive at the Greenwheel offices after 226km.


We meet the CEO Eric Chanel who makes us try and discover its range of electric scooters.

2:32 p.m. departure for Paris, arrival 2 hours later after 182km with a first stop on the highway since begginging of the adventure, to remove the roof of the car…

After a photo shoot at the Invalides and the Champ de Mars we head to the Tesla Showroom, arrived at the Trocadero we find ourselves in the middle of a supercars nest... The Paris Rally begins today at the Trocadero, we went to parade in the middle of them and next to the only electric car there, the Exagon Furtive-e-GT.


At Tesla’s Showroom we have been greeted by the Paris team.


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