Watch the movie "Revenge of the Electric Car"

If like me you haven’t had the chance to see "Who Killed the Electric Car" part 2, the second film by Chris Paine, here it is.

A 1h30 documentary depicting the race to electrification.
"Revenge of the Electric Car" or how get a snapshot at the future of the automotive industry.

In short, the film follows four company executives for several years, their history, strategy and positioning.

Mr. Detroit
Bob Lutz
General Motors Vice Chairman and media front man

Rocket Man
Tesla founder Elon Musk, from the first to Roadster to the Model S via the IPO of Tesla Motors ...

The Outsider
Because electric mobility also depends on the willingness of all of us
Custom Electric Motor EMc Greg "Gadget" Abbott with his optimism and unwavering courage.

The Warrior
Carlos Ghosn CEO of Nissan

The full movie just appeared on internet (might not stay there for long…), enjoy then!

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