Electric Tour de France: penultimate day

Challenge of the day, travel 208km with 205km of ideal range!
Fingers crossed to avoid being caught in Lyon's traffic jams...


After a smooth morning drive from Venelles to Salaise sur Sanne the moring charge is slightly problematic as the 32Amps does not work properly –we are on a site under construction and those things happen- therefore we plug in on the 16 amps that will take longer ...

4:20 p.m. Departure from Salaise sur Sanne one hour and twenty minutes after the originally scheduled time and with the battery half charged... The afternoon is going to be long!

On the road, the trend reverses gradually and 50km after the departure the car announces an optimal consumption of only 123Wh/km (our new record).
The hardest part is to maintain a minimum speed of 80kph...

Everything is going great better until the congestion around Lyon that we had feared! Fortunately these jams are short and slow us down for only 20 minutes.

Then, thanks to a prudential energy management we can pick up the pace on the third part of the trip.

7:27 p.m. arrival in Beaune with just enough range to drive the last kilometers, and unfortunately a little late to picture the “Hospices de Beaune” properly but the emotions are there...

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