Electric Tour de France : day 5 at Monaco’s Automobile Club

Small morning "commute" of 120km from St Tropez to Monaco, a walkover despite significant slopes in the surrounding mountains…


In Monaco, we have been greeted by the ACM –busy with the Monte Carlo Rally for alternative energies that starts next week- and Mr. Christian Tornatore offering us a prime location in front of their premises 23 Boulevard Albert 1er.

Many electric vehicles in the streets of Monaco Micro-Vett, Piaggio electric from the local post a few Vectrix and the Fisker Karma the impressive GT with range extender and its original sound.

2:11 p.m. Departure from Monaco to Venelles were we will be introduced to the mayor and their solar tree, plus we’ll meet a Tesla owner.

On the way we optimize the autonomy in downhill and reach a new record with a real range 40km beyond the ideal range... Seems like regeneration works well!

Gradually we approach our consumption record set for the moment at 141Wh/km, a new challenge that will not be beaten this time!

On the road, we meet with the new Porsche Boxster (Type 981), it took a lot of self control not to get in performance mode and show it what the green power is!

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