Electric Tour de France: day 4, the Roadster St Tropez

5:27am, the car charged perfectly and announces 381kms of ideal range.
Driving, we are above the ideal range 60% of the time and even long legs now seem relatively simple. 

Leaving the morning stage, the actual battery life is much higher with almost 400km!
We can confidently enjoy the mountain scenery and a beautiful sunrise over the city of Carcassonne.

8:41am after 266km,we arrive Galargues Le Montueux where the ASF team welcomes us to charge the roadster, note the tacho that still shows a range higher than the ideal one!

Meeting with the ASF staff and the police in parade costume, a happy coincidence, they inspect what they like to call their next “customer”!

2:29 p.m. Departure to St Tropez with 301km of range

5:39 p.m. Despite the "special stage" of the arrival (route of La Garde Freinet - video to follow) we remain higher than the ideal range: 64km real range for 61km in ideal and 241 km covered!

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