EV Tour de France: my name is Captain, Captain Range! (Day 2 part 2)

Extension cord too long and energy consuming morning stage, charging takes time, more than expected and threatens the rest of the program as its only the second day…

We will have to gamble (without knowing exactly the capabilities of the car) a 255km stage and a 290km "ideal range" announced by the car at 03:30pm, 30 minutes after the scheduled time ...

With the 15% margin found until then we would have to wait for a 300km ideal range to have a chance to finish the stage but with no margin of error!

The driver gets impatient, we weigh the pros, the cons and finally Fabrice Capitaine decides to leave as soon as the car reaches a 300km ideal range and even raises the bar announcing a 25km ideal range margin at the arrival!

I remain incredulous and accepts the bet
In theory it is doable but on the highway we will have to travel at 80kph minimum and have a very light right foot!


We start from the Mont St Michel with an actual range of 250km while the Ideal Range of the onboard computer announces 301km, tricky!

Fabrice’s power management is very impressive and once the long launch phase over, our speed is correct, between 85 and 100kph.

100 km after the departure our efforts get rewarded with a real range getting closer to the ideal, and got beaten shortly after, it will remain so until the finish line!


255km later, I let you admire the tacho...

We reset the onboard computer 15km after the start in order to know exactly our energy consumption on the road: 141Wh/km!


Distance 255km
Ideal range 301km 54km 255km
Time 3:46 p.m. 6:52 p.m. 3:06 hour

Average speed of 82.3kph
In short, it costed me a dinner, Bravo “Captain”!

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