(VIDEO) First Tour de France in an electric car: day 2

Exceptionally, scared of not having internet connection tonight here is an update on the second day of the First Tour de France in an electric vehicle.

Today’s stage: Rouen => Mont St Michel => La Roche sur Yon / Les Essarts.

Waking up at 5am hurts on a Sunday morning… 
And the hotel won’t bring anything at this time of the day! 

Hopefully our technical staff is already waiting with warm coffee and croissants, that helps after 4 hours of sleep!
Staff that is also not entirely serene as they didn’t have a chance to check how the car was charging, since our Tesla Roadster is in the Parking of Rouen’s local authority that won’t open before 5.30am on Sunday…

Finally all the apprehensions go away once we find the car with 362km of range written on the board computer, we can hit the road!

A road on which we experience heavy fog, many slopes and not always a very smooth asphalt increasing the frictional resistance...


Three factors that do not play for us, and the energetic performance of the morning stands accordingly (based on the difference between "ideal range" and the energy consumption that was 15% for now ...)

In addition to the Tesla during the Tour de France, we will have a look to the performances of the technical staff’s vehicle, a diesel hybrid Peugeot 3008Hybrid4 which, on the way to Le Mont St Michel announced 440km of range with on 1/3 of the tank, a fuel consumption of 5.4l per 100km, not bad for a 1660kg SUV packed with bags and cords...


Departure Arrival Delta

Range 362km 58km 304km
Tacho 2299km 2548km 249km
Time 5h48 9h01 3h14

Average speed of 77kph
Here's a quick video of this morning's stage.

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