Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell, the final powertrain revealed

It's official (since Detroit 2011), Mercedes and AMG have announced the production of a few units of the superb SLS E-Cell, coming in 2013.
This SLS E-Cell will develop 392kW (532hp) and 880 Nm of torque with four electric motors located near each wheel, powered by three lithium-ion 16kWh batteries. 
In the SLS E-Cell carbon fiber is everywhere, the transmission tunnel that hosts the batteries. 

SLS_E-Cell_powertrain (16).jpg 

This shell is an innovation in terms of safety, because all batteries and high voltage systems are enclosed inside this carbon shell which guarantees a perfect seal, and so prevent deformation or damage in case of an accident.

Regarding the construction of the SLS AMG E-CELL Mercedes innovates some more, electric motors are located on the axles -and not in the wheels like in most cases- to minimize rotating masses, associated with carbon ceramic brakes for even more weight loss.
This motor architecture provides excellent control of the car, as each wheel can be controlled independently thus allowing a better traction in wet weather, and a faster cornering, by increasing the rotation speed of the outside wheels or slowing down the wheels on the inside of the turn. 

SLS_E-Cell_powertrain (16).jpg  

This will allow the car to corner more easily and offer a greater stability in the fast curves. This system is directly calculated by the car depending on the speed, the rpm and the angle of the steering wheel.
Regarding the specs sheet the zero to 100 kph remains announced in 4 seconds, which is very close to the 6.3-liter petrol V8 which can do 3.8 seconds, minus the sound in the E-Cell and plus the CO2 in the petrol version.

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