First Tour de France in an electric vehicle: aiming for the ideal range

As we announced on January 30th, the first Tour de France in an electric vehicle officially begins tomorrow.
A Tour de France in electric vehicle is first of all a lot of calculations and then some practice! 

TdF_Elec_Reims (7).JPG 

After having considered several options for the road and even installed some plugs on the way, Fabrice Capitaine (and myself) took the Roadster for the first part of our journey, from the Parisian ShowRoom towards Reims.

TdF_Elec_Reims (2).JPG 

This pre-stage of 144km allowed us to check the calculations made by Fabrice and to get closer to the starting point, Seclin.

Our target for the average energy consumption will be 15kWh in order to arrive approximately to the figure given by the "ideal range" indicator which announces 340km for the Tesla. Our journey will consist primarily of highway with an average speed between 90 and 100kph.

For the record the First Tour de France in an electric car is more than 3400km in seven days only, you can follow the event daily on the site and the event’s dedicated page.

TdF_Elec_Reims (4).JPG 

Here is a first selection of images including the Castle of Crayères in Reims where we met a Voisin C23.
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