(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: Toyota FT-Bh concept, hybrid city-car of the future

Toyota just unveiled the FT-Bh, this concept by the Japanese manufacturer is a prototype of what we could expect of tomorrow’s hybrid car. The concept announces amazing specs, for instance a drag coefficient of 0.235, an astonishing weight of 786kg, a fuel consumption of 2.1 l/100km and about 49g of CO2 per km!

To successfully achieve all these performances, Toyota initially tried to reduce weight to a minimum, entirely designed in steel, aluminum and magnesium, the concept is ultra light and sets a record for an hybrid car, to be below 800 kg!
Aerodynamics, for the drag coefficient, designers got their inspiration directly from the natural flow of air, they managed to achieve a Cd of 0.235 which is a technical challenge. The FT-Bh adopts that a flat floor pan, holes onto the body panels allow a perfect air flow and thus reduce wind resistance.
The engine, is a 1.0 liter petrol twin cylinder, combined to a full hybrid powertrain like the recent Yaris Hybrid. The engine has been specially redesigned to minimize power losses, by adopting a system of high pressure fuel injection allowing a perfect balance of the air/fuel mixture. The engine is fitted with a long crankshaft to allow a compression ratio of 13: 1 and obtain an optimal efficiency, 2.1 l per 100km for 49g CO2 per km!

Toyota put this concept in the category of small minivans (b-segment), with its 3.985 mm long and 1400mm high, it is a direct opponent to German’s small 4 doors saloon cars.
Toyota has focused its development on five points, the weight reduction, reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, better energy management, and rolling resistance ( tyres and Cd )
Note that this concept will have two hybrid cousins, the first will run on compressed natural gas with CO2 emissions of 38g CO2 / km and the second will be a plug-in hybrid emitting just 19g of CO2 / km.

Article by H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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