(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: Mia Rox, the tailor-made Mia electric

The Mia Rox is more than a concept-car and announces the opening of the customization program for the Mia Electric…
Mia Electric presented a surprise at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, concept-car in a way, the Mia Rox is a vision, a dream of its designers.

In this study, the Mia is transformed into an electric city-car that looks like a crossover, convertible (with a soft-top), it loses a few pounds that improve the dynamism of the car.


Each component presented is personalized/able, a recipe that made the success of the Mini and the FIAT500…
We already had a soft spot for this Mia Electric in its original livery but love at first sight is there with Rox!


Will it see series production ?

This vehicle is based on a production model and all the features presented in the Rox are mostly accessories whose arrival to the catalog will only depend on the answer of the public...


Another proof of Mia Electric’s dynamism that goes along with the press release revealed a few weeks ago with the 1000th unit of the Mia sold, a new price of € 15 828 + € 49 battery rental (after government grant of 5000 €) for the entry level model.
A price reduction which is based on a volume strategy with the expansion of the distribution network in 10 new countries for 2012.

Check out the interview of Murat Gunak, Mia Electric’s Design Director below

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