Infiniti Emerg-e : official pictures, video and specs

One of the most exciting cars of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show has been revealed officially yesterday.

This range-extender supercar is the technological spearhead of Nissan’s premium brand, it is fitted with two electric engines offering a peak output of 300kW (407hp) and 1000Nm of torque.


Regarding the range extender technology, it uses Lotus’ technology (as announced a few days ago) a solution already tested and reliable that allows us to dream of a medium term production…

A 1.2l three cylinder gasoline engine is used as generator for a 480km combined range thanks to a 30l fuel tank while the Lithium-Ion Phosphate 14.8kWh battery pack offers 40km of range in electric only.

Infiniti_Emerg-e_Geneva2012 (3).jpg 

Thanks to its aluminium chassis and carbon fiber body, the weight of this 4.46m long hybrid sports-car is kept under 1600kg (1598kg).

The result is impressive: 0 to 100kph in 4 seconds, a 222kph max speed for emissions of only 55g/km.

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