Geneva 2012: Giugiaro Brivido, a hybrid GT concept car (+ live images)

After the concepts Tex and GO last year, the fate of Giugiaro which is now intimately linked the VW group promises to be sporty and innovative with a new spirit of dynamism named Brivido, a study of a 5m long GT based on VW mechanical elements, it welcomes four people.


Under its body made of aluminum and carbon takes place the V6 Hybrid from the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, it offers a total combined output of 408hp and 600Nm allowing the 0 to 100kph in 5.8 seconds, a 275kph top speed with a consumption of 6.5l for emissions of only 154g/km!!


Power is transmitted by an eight-gears automatic transmission.
Two driving modes are available, comfort or sport.

Instead of simple mirrors the Brivido features cameras placed on the front fenders next to the air intakes, they transmit the images on each side of the steering column so the driver can keep his eyes on the road. We also note its prominent 26cm LED headlamps and the beautiful butterfly doors with large windows that contrast with the Pearled red Xirallic color.

Unfortunately this concept is only a study and won’t see series production...
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