(VIDEO) Blue Rider, from Canton to Shanghai with an electric scooter

Here is the Blue Rider adventure, in partnership with the city of Paris and the company Visual System, he travelled from Canton to Shanghai, more than 1500km on its electric scooter.


Technical performance but also artistic in some way, the Blue Rider is dressed in a LEDs suit, that also partially covers its scooter ... Drawing all eyes on him.

Since this road-trip that took place last year, the Blue Rider is on stand-by, and now performing in the streets of Evry, France, presumably awaiting to leave for another adventure!

Other French adventurers have accepted challenges with electric vehicles :

-Benjamin Voron crossed the United States with a Vectrix VX-1: Electrip
-Xavier Degon and Guy Antonin recently with the Electric Odyssey
-And we will soon also walk in their footsteps with the Tour de France in a Tesla Roadster beginning at the end of the week with Fabrice Capitaine.

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