(VIDEO) Toyota Prius Plug-in: launched at €37000 with emissions of only 49g/km!

The homologated specs of the Toyota Prius plug-in have been revealed this week and are even better than what Toyota had envisioned with emissions of 49g/km in combined mode for a consumption of 2.1l / 100km, 85g/km in hybrid with a fuel consumption of 3.7l/100km.

Charging is announced in 90 minutes, the right balance between range and charging time that allows with a full 45l tank, over 1200km of theoretical range.


The Prius plug-in welcomes 5 people and offers 443l of cargo space for a weight increased by only 50kg.
The autonomy in full electric is 25km.

Availability at the summer 2012 for a price of €37,000 in Europe (excluding governmental grant) and £31,000 in England.

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