(VIDEO) Geneva 2012: Volvo V40 from 94g/km! (D2)

This new model which will be revealed in world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is finally unveiled in images and figures.

The V40 is the first new model in the era of downsizing and standardizing of engines "VEA" (Volvo Environmental Architecture), with now a range of vehicles based only on four-cylinder engines, a proven announced in September 2011. It shall allow Volvo to be highly competitive and to focus on the engine efficiency.


"An overall fuel consumption reduction of 13 percent over the past two years puts us in the top among European car manufacturers when it comes to fuel-efficiency improvements. In 2012, we are taking the next steps," Stefan Jacoby President de Volvo.

Fitted with the D2 diesel, the Volvo V40 announces a consumption of 3.6l/100km for emissions of just 94g/km, just like the upcoming C30 D2. 
TheS40 and V50 D2 will be just below 100g/km with 99g.

Volvo_V40 (2).jpg 

All the V40 models will be fitted with the start/stop and regenerative braking with both automatic or manual gearbox.

More informations in a few days with the press days at the Geneva show.

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