PSA: Hybrid4, eco-friendly SUVs today, and PHEVs tomorrow...

During a press conference, Guilaume Faury (Director of R & D) and Vincent Basso (project manager on hybrid vehicles) have detailed the technology and explained the reasons that led PSA to choose this technology, they also gave a glimpse on some future developments.

HYbrid4, why, how

The idea is to offer a green SUV, PSA hopes to change the image of these vehicles thanks to their e-AWD technology.

PSA wanted to address three issues, urbanization, climate change, customer needs evolution. They also needed to adapt to European regulations limiting average emissions to 95g/km for 2020.

As part of a innovation tradition in the group, with electric vehicles already in 1995, the Saxo and 106, 15.000 units sold.
HDi technology.
Stop & start developed with Valeo, 15% fuel savings in city driving and 5g/km less.
And now the petrol three-cylinder normally aspirated or turbo that will equip the 208, with CO2 emissions from 99g/km for petrol engines!

The hybrid technology was a logical extension of this approach towards efficient and cleaner engines.
PSA first investigated several architectures before defining the diesel parallel hybrid as the best market equation to minimize consumption and emissions while meeting the strong tendency in the European market with diesel ...

PSA emphasizes the fact that this is a proprietary technology manufactured in France.
€ 500 million R & D over 5 years, 300 patents and 5 million km of test including 1 million in pre-series models...
Keys of the success for the technology: modularity = volume effect, start & stop (and starter-alternator that recharges the battery), specific gearbox that juggles between diesel, hybrid and gasoline.

HYbrid 4 models this year :
-3008 HYbrid4 available now at dealerships 99g/km and consumption of 3.8l/100km
-DS5 HYbrid4 available in March, also 99g/km and 3.8l/100km
-508 RXH late March, 4.1l/100km and 107g/km in combined cycle
-508 summer 2012 with only 95 g/km and fuel consumption below 4l/100km.

Sales target 40,000 cars per year from 2013, 10 to 15% of the volume of each model. 
And 100,000 units in 2015.

For the moment no other models on the horizon, but the electrified rear axle module HYbrid4 is designed to adapt to PSA’s platforms 2 and 3 (ie potentially 308, C4, C5 ...)

Future technological developments :

With a breakdown of sales in 2020 that will be much more favorable to the plug-in hybrids than electric vehicles (according to PSA):
3 to 5% electric propulsion
15% plug-in hybrid
80% combustion engines of all types (micro-hybrid and range-extender included).

Therefore PSA announces to work on gasoline plug-in hybrids for China, no deadline, but we can expect that the models will be presented this year or next year, since the first prototypes (at the moment diesel plug-in hybrid as they are based on the HYbrid4 technology) currently running ...

These rechargeable hybrids will rely on the same architecture but with a Lithium-Ion battery and more power (40 to 50kW).

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