(VIDEO) EO by DFKI, the most advanced electric car

Much more than a designer concept this is a prototype developped by engineers at the DFKI (Bremen Robotics Innovation Center) in partnership with the local University of Mathematics and Computing.

DFKI_EO_smart_connecting_car (2).jpg 

To summarize the smart electric city vehicle EO takes some of the technologies of all the best concepts that we have seen until now: between the GM EN-V (autonomous vehicle) the Hiriko (foldable), the Nissan Pivo (90° pivoting wheels), Dock + GO (a "trailer can be anchored to the vehicle to accommodate more passengers and provide greater autonomy) the Lumeneo Smera (and its tilting system)… Additionaly it also features the platooning technology!


So here is for the outline of this electric vehicle that could definitely be a solution to urban traffic.

In detail: the EO has two seats and only weighs 700kg despite all the technologies in features. It is powered by four in-wheel 4kW motors, which allow a maximum speed limited to 55kph.

In addition to the innovations presented above, the EO offers smart charging in convoy mode, vehicles attached to the convoy can automatically recharge a depleted battery.


I let you discover the animation and initial testing of the prototype below.

No deadline has been revealed for a market launch, but objectively it will take at least 10 years before we can see such a vehicle on our roads.

The EO will be displayed at the CeBIT in Hannover from March 6 to 10th.

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