Geneva 2012: Sbarro Intencity, a prototype of electric sports-car and an hyper connected F1, F1for3

The designer Sbarro and Montbeliard’s School of Engineering -that bears his name- will present two vehicles at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

F1for3: a technology demonstrator developed in partnership with Delphi to highlight the knowledge of the automotive industry subcontractor, specializing in electronics and technology.


This vehicle features a TV tuner, an intelligent user interface and a broadband connection, all within a very fast vehicle to showcase the high quality reception regardless of the speed, much like if you could take the train without having network problems...

But the Geneva Motor Show will also (and especially) be the scene for the reveal of an electric sports-car prototype -kept secret for now- its final design has not yet been revealed but here is its chassis.


Going by the name of Sbarro Intencity, for once Sbarro’s imagination and experience have been used to build a green vehicle, a first among the 7 prototypes presented until now!

The brief form the Espera Sbarro School is simple and clear: “a urban sports-car”... And to tease you even more just have a look at some of the previous radical designs!

We will keep you posted on the Sbarro Intencity as soon as new information emerge.

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