The CREA and the city of Rouen partners for the first Tour de France in a 100% electric car

CREA is a partner of the first Tour de France in an electric vehicle. Fabrice CAPTAINE, an automobile and ecology enthusiast will attempt to achieve this challenge driving a Tesla Roadster 100% electric sports-car. Starting this Tour de France at the SO GREEN environmental park, the first stop will happen in Rouen, at the Old Market car park.

Valerie FOURNEYRON, Deputy-Mayor of Rouen and first Vice-President of the CREA, and Dominique RANDON, Vice President for the Créavenir Plan wished to weclome the driver and take advantage of this event to inaugurate new charging stations.

The CREA launched with the support of the City of Rouen in particular, Créavenir, an ambitious plan for the development of electric vehicles on its territory. This plan has four main topics:

- Test the very first prototypes of Renault electric vehicles. Today, the CREA has 9 Kangoos and a Fluence ZE.

- Build a network of charging stations. The first stations have been installed place Joffre and place of the 39th Infantry Regiment. Today two new stations opened in the parking lot of the Old Market. In 2012, two other stations will be installed in the parking lot of the old High Tower, two at the City Hall car park and again two others at the Mont Riboudet parking.
Ultimately, the goal ultimately is to develop, in conjunction with institutional and private partners, a strong network structure along the Seine axis;

- Free parking for electric vehicles throughout the City of Rouen;

- A study about car sharing with electric vehicles.

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