Sir, your SLS AMG, petrol or electric?

Today was the official reveal the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell, one of the most desirable e-supercar. Produced by a company that has nothing to prove in terms of quality, knowhow and that has been creating road legal beasts since their very early hours. The E-Cell specifications seems to honor its pedigree. The standard V8 of the petrol AMG version has been replaced with four electric motors, Lithium Ion battery pack and regenerative braking system. The prototype is then 4wd with a combined output of 392kW (526hp) and a maximum torque of 880Nm/649 lb-ft. Mercedes estimates that the 0 to 60mph will take about 4 seconds. As you can see from the pictures there has been some exterior changes but the inside gets the real treatment with a revised instrument cluster to display speed, charge status, estimated range, and a touch-screen infotainment system that is able to display the flow of power from the four motors. Mercedes gave no information about an official production date but it is believed that it will be around 2013. Source: Mercedes-AMG
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