Infiniti Emerg-e: sculptural electric beauty

Finally, the first official images of this stunning electric sports-car -which is slowly teased since a press conference held at the LA Auto Show last November- emerge...

Despite the spy images from the patent office which gave an idea about its overall design, the Emerge-e is even more desirable that these drawings portended.


We discover sculptural and sporty lines with sharp headlights. Subtle air intakes give a sporty look to the car, with style, elegantly hidden on the roof and rear fenders.

The windscreen extends until mid-rear position, showing off the engine located behind the passenger seats of this two-seater coupe: an hybrid powertrain where the gasoline engine is used as a range extender powering the electric motors.

Infiniti_Emerge-e_official (3).jpg 

The rear of the car is muscular to welcome the large tires.
The interior is not left aside, high-tech and streamlined, definitely, green is good!

Infiniti_Emerge-e_official (11).jpg 

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If the Emege-e sees series production, it will be a direct competitor of the BMW i8 ...

According to some rumors, this car could be built in collaboration with Lotus that would provide the chassis or engine (or both).
A range extender engine has already been presented in the 414E Hybrid, and the chassis could the one of the Evora!!

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