(VIDEO)ZBoard: an intuitive electric skateboard, without remote control

Electric skateboards are not new in the world of mobility, they have been around for many years but are still equipped with a remote allowing to manage braking and accelerator... At least that was true until now!

zboard_electric_skateboard (2).jpg 

The ZBoard, which comes (of course) from California, uses a convenient and relatively simple way to manage accelerator and braking, pads placed at the front and rear of the board allow to go forward or brake using the weight of your body.

zboard_electric_skateboard (2).jpg 

Available in two versions Classic and Pro, in detail, the ZBoard is two pads, a handle, Cross wheels, an electric motor and a battery. 

The overall is an intuitive electric mobility device that manages to get rid of a remote control, without the use of expensive technologies or totally experimental technologies such as the “Board of Awesomeness” that (by the way) just evolved in a brain controlled “Board of Imagination”...

Price from $ 499 for a range from 8 to 16km and speeds of 14 to 27kph.

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