Geneva 2012: EVC R3 and EVC R7, electric cars from Czech Republic

Here is a new brand in our directory of electric vehicles, two models, the EVC R3 and R7 that will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Czech company converts internal combustion car to electric ones using a local “product” the vehicles Skoda. The R3 and R7 models are based on the Skoda Roomster but other models of the brand are and will be available shortly.

The R3 is the entry level version it offers 41hp and 110Nm (in peak), a maximum speed of 110kph and a range of 140km.
The R7 is more versatile and can be used on the highway: 88hp and 190Nm in peak, a maximum speed of 170kph and a range announced at 175km.

Note also that the company is has setup a process of battery recycling in partnership with the company REMA Batteries. Unfortunately no price is announced...

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