(VIDEO) Yo-Mobile Crossover : Russia’s natural gas hybrid in details

With two electric motors (one on each axle), a combustion engine (used as a generator) powered by of gas cylinders or a fuel tank and super capacitors... The Yo Crossover deserves a little animation to understand how it precisely works!


Imagined by the billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, Yo-Mobile vehicles use a natural resource abundant in Russia, Natural Gas (or CNG)

In addition to this innovative hybrid powertrain (and relatively complex to develop), the Yo Crossover offers interesting features especially designed for cold winters: a timer allows to start your vehicle automatically at a specified time, so the car is ready for use when you need it.

yo_mobile_detail (2).jpg 

Thanks to its batteries the Yo-Crossover can also be a source of electricity.

Finally, its body is also eco-friendly, made of polypropylene, at end of life it is compacted and can represent 1/3 of a new body.

The Yo CrossOver in figures: 3.5l/100km, 0 to 100kph in 10 seconds and a range of 700km.

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