(VIDEO) LEMev Stream, a Basque low-cost electric scooter!

Project initiated by the company LUMA 5 years ago, the scooter LEMev became a reality thanks to the support of private companies and public authorities.

The LEMev Stream is on sale since the beginning of the year in Spain, its overall performances are comparable to a 125cc (but its acceleration is closer to the one of a 500cc as the 0 to 80kph is reached in just 6 seconds) its maximum speed is announced at 108kph.
When needed, you can use the “Boost” function of the LEMev Stream that unleashes the 22hp maximum power (peak) of the electric motor.
 LEMev_Stream (5).jpg
To maximize efficiency it features regenerative braking, its 4kWh LiFePO4 battery pack offers 80km of range.
The battery pack fully recharges in 5 hours on the 220V 10Amp and in only 2h on the 20Amp, 2000 Charging cycles are listed: a theoretical life of 160000kms.
LEMev_Stream (2).jpgLEMev_Stream (3).jpg 
To end the article, here is the figure you are all expecting, its price, € 5350 making it the most affordable 125cc equivalent electric scooter!

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