(VIDEO) Rinspeed Dock + GO the ideal Smart comes with a range extender!

After the press release of early December and as the 2012 Geneva Motor Show approaches, we get more details on some of the vehicles that will be presented ...

This is the case of Frank M. Rinderknecht (Rinspeed founder) last vehicle. 
More than a just vehicle, it is a concept, a “backpack” specially designed to make the Smart more versatile, a mini-trailer that adapts to various uses, from made to measure trailers for delivery services, to a high-tech range extender powering the electric motor.

Rinspeed_Smart_DockGO (10).jpg

The various features of the Rinspeed Dock + Go receive different names, the pack that particularly interests is the "Energy Pack", adding 63cm and 310kg to the car. Several technological options are possible for the Energy-Pack (a Variohybrid like Mr. Rinderknecht likes to call it), it can feature extra batteries, or a range extender based on a 999cm3 petrol engine or even on a fuel cell!

Rinspeed_Smart_DockGO (10).jpg 

The Smart ED which is used as base for this concept is slightly redesigned with rectangular headlights –very Rinspeed- while its interior could any Smart Tailor Made jealous, with its large screen and a Smart Phone dock on the steering wheel.

Rinspeed_Smart_DockGO (10).jpg

An elegant battery indicator is placed close to the rearview mirror.
The Dock + GO is a concept that could potentially be adapted to any kind of car.
The other feature of the Dock + GO is called "Space-box".

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