BMW will show its greenest diesel vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show, 116d Efficient Dynamics

With less than 100g/km (99g/km) announced for the BMW 116d Edition Efficient Dynamics, the compact hybrids would better worry (Honda Jazz/Fit, Lexus CT200h, Hybrid Auris and soon the Yaris).

This special edition of the BMW 1 Series will be officially revealed at the Geneva show and takes almost the head of the power/emission s ratio of equivalent size compact vehicles partly thanks to the TwinPower Turbo technology.


After the 3 Series - 320d Efficient Dynamics (163hp for 109g/km) - BMW developed the greenest diesel model of the brand, the 116d Efficient Dynamics.

This special edition benefits from the technology Eco Pro which allows the driver to optimize its "eco-driving", it also features regenerative braking and finally the start/stop for an average fuel consumption of just 3.8l per 100km.

Here is an overview of the market for efficient diesel compact vehicles that you can find in our ranking of vehicles by emissions :

Ford Focus Econetic 89g for 105hp
Peugeot 308 Hdi-e with 98g/km for 112hp
Golf BlueMotion to 99g for 105hp
Volvo C30 Start/Stop 99g for 115hp
Bmw 116d Efficient Dynamics 99g for 116hp
Opel Astra EcoFlex 99g to 130hp
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