(VIDEO) ReGenX, Thane Heins invents the regenerative acceleration

Technology invented a few years ago by Thane Heins, and experienced since, it could increase the range of electric vehicles from 30 to 50%.

It finds a first application in Myers Motors vehicles and is also demonstrated in an electric scooter so that we (all) understand how it works (a bit better).


ReGenX technology is based on the potential difference or potential energy, with a generator powered during acceleration and not decelaration…

With a 30 to 50% gain, the technology appears to be much more efficient than regenerative braking, remains to reduce its size and ideally successfully implement both in our vehicles!

But for now it is time to integrate the ReGenX technology in prototypes vehicles.

Just a little warning before the demonstration, get ready to enter Professor "Emmett Brown" house, and I hope you are not allergic to electrical cables ...

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