Vectrix Electric Super Bike revealed in a few hours (Re-energized by Robrady)

Since the superb drawings of the Robrady, Vectrix seemed to have left aside the super sports models to focus on the bigger volumes market with the Vx-1, Vx2 and now Vx-3.
At the Milan show (EICMA), Vectrix announced a renewal and plans to make it clear to everybody at the Swiss Moto Show, which opens tomorrow in Zurich.

Lithium Manganese battery pack and Vectrix’s expertise in terms of controller and drive-train... The "Vectrix Super Bike Program" had apparently not been forgotten during those four years of silence and technological advances made since allow to present a viable product,a bike that changed significantly!

"Vectrix is very pleased to spread the word of our rejuvenated 2012 Super Bike Program. As our technology has continued to progress and evolve over the past four years, the performance and range possibilities of our Super Bike have emerged as a viable alternative in the performance bike market segment," 
Brian Buccella, Vectrix Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 

Production of the first 200 units (out of 500 planned) will begin this year and deposits will be accepted from in July.
And with Robrady in charge the looks, expect a breathtaking design!
Vectrix_Robrady_2007 (2).jpg 
Maximum speed of 201kph (125mph) reached in just 12 seconds and 400m
Fully charged in 2.5 hours
Range of 200km (124miles) at 40kph (25 mph)
Vectrix patented technology for the accelerator with regenerative braking and reverse!

Only 24 more hours to wait for the first pictures ...

This launch directly targets the European market and the eCRP Energica revealed at the 2011 EICMA.
"I am excited to see what this new technology can do against the competition,"
 Brian Buccella, Vectrix Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Images are those of the 2007 concept...
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