(VIDEO) Elon Musk presents Tesla's 7 seater electric SUV (Tesla Model X)

During the reveal of Tesla’s SUV, the Model X, which took place in the brand’s Design Studio in California, some journalists enjoyed an introduction to the Model S by Elon Musk.

Elon’s way, the founder of Tesla, makes a quick a presentation of some of the key points of the brand’s latest model, the Model X, which announces 0 to 98kph (60mph) in just 4.4 seconds for the "Performance" version, 7 seats, and a center of gravity as low as in a sports-car.


The list of Model X’s features doesn’t stop here, not only original, the "Falcon" doors are functional as demonstrated by Elon while standing in the door opening, they also offer an easy access to the last row of seats…

Elon_Musk_presents_ModelX (2).bmp 

With seven seats we could imagine that the car would suffer a lack of space in the trunk, but with the batteries placed in the floor and the motors on the axles, the Model X has a large rear boot and also a cargo space in the front, an area which also serves crash structure with almost three times more surface to absorb shocks (as there is no engine) compared to a conventional car.

Elon_Musk_presents_ModelX (2).bmpElon_Musk_presents_ModelX (2).bmp 

Last on the performance side, the two motors on the axles provide an optimal traction thanks to a dynamic torque management that calculates the power needed on each axle every milliseconds.

Therefore the Tesla Model X is not only the first series electric SUV, but also probably the most functional of all SUVs, while providing performance comparable to a sports-car!

So it doesn’t matter if its design is very (almost too) close to the one of the Model S, or if its “Falcon" doors could become problematic in underground parkings… Because the Model X promises to be a revolutionary vehicle to drive and experience, that sets the benchmark!

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