Geneva 2012: Morgan Plus E, an electric sports-car concept with gears!

After an initial announcement last August, and although the brand still keeps the information secret (not announced officially in the press release regarding the Geneva Motor Show) a credible rumor announces the presentation of an innovative Morgan model, an electric Aero fitted with a gearbox, a concept-car/prototype that could go into production if it gets the public’s support!

Zytek Automotive –that designed the drivetrain of the Smart ED- is responsible for the development of the Plus E motor.

For now, the power of the car is unknown but this electric Morgan could be surprising ...
"This is an exciting investigation into the potential for a zero-emissions Morgan with near supercar performance," 
Steve Morris, Morgan's operations director.

Since Zytek builts motors that develop up to 70kW and 300Nm, we can imagine that the Morgan Plus E will receive two (on the axles) or four motors (in-wheel)!

More informations to follow


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