(VIDEO) Q-Sub 2400: the world’s fastest (recreational) submarine?

Hugh Fulton is the inventor of the Q-Sub 2400. The objectives were precise, create a recreational underwater vehicle for 2 people as independent as possible, light, and able to reach depths of 400 feet (120m).


The Sub-Q 2400 offers a speed of 3 knots underwater but 20 knots on the surface, which is very impressive for a submarine and removes the necessity of a mothership, however, for long trips Hugh Fulton also works on a 18-foot catamaran mothership designed in partnership with Warwick Yacht Design


Here are some features in brief: it can reach 120m and offers a range of eight hours underwater, 15 nautical miles range in surface and recharges (apparently) in just 30 minutes.

The price is only an estimate at the moment but its designer wishes to remain below one million dollars.

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