Peugeot HR1 the green mini SUV

(VIDEO) The HR1 is a urban concept car, between a coupé, an SUV and a small car. Its target is the young professionals, dynamic and tech savvy.
Overconnected and flexible the HR1 innovates.
-The doors kinematics is original and allows easy access to the inside
-The HR1 uses the Hybrid4 technology that combines a petrol engine in front with an electrical engine in the back. When they both operate we have a 4wd.

The petrol engine is a “downsized” 3 cylinders 1,2l THP (81kW, 101ch), combined with the electric one they develop 147hp for low emissions of 80g/km and consumption around 3,5l/100km (65mpg). The technology also allows a zero emission mode for low speed in the city.

Source: Peugeot

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