Electric Car: Mindset, twice the energy density of the Tesla Roadster!

Among the most anticipated vehicles of the year, apart from the list already posted earlier, there is the Mindset whose developments continue despite a relative silence in communication.

Mindset_prototype (2).jpg 

A strategy for the brand as the communications manager of Mindset revealed to us recently, a way to avoid speculation, as the company is listed on the Swiss exchange...

But, from now on, it is going to be hard to be discreet!
In partnership with the company H-TECH, they managed to optimize the performance of lithium-ion batteries ...

Tested by the TUV, Germany’s certification body, a prototype of Mindset fitted with 200kg of batteries has achieved an energy density of 52kWh (0.26kW/kg), a new record for a Lithium Ion battery!
Further tests of the battery pack will now be made.

A news that adds a new feature to the eargerly awaited Mindset….


Three models are still planned, two full electric "Pure" and "Traction" (2 and 4 wheel drive) with different performances, and a version with a range extender "Range" where or monocylinder 300cc 4 stroke engine with a consumption of 2.5l to 3.2l/100km is used as a generator. The prices announced started at 76.000€.

One question remains, the cost of this technology compared to existing ones, it would allow to determine whether it will be a limited and elitist product or whether it can be installed in the next generation of “mainstream” electric vehicles...


Vehicle Energy density of battery pack, kWh per kg
Mindset 0.26
Mindset (before) 0.13
Smart (Tesla technology) 0.13
Tesla Roadster 0.12
Mitsubishi I-MiEV 0.08
Nissan Leaf 0.08

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