Not powerfull my electric motorcycle? Burnouts in Brammo Enertia!

The Brammo Enertia is this US designed electric motorcycle that is built in Europe, Hungary, by Flextronics since last year.

For now busy in building/delivering the orders placed worldwide-with prices announced in dollars and euros- the reputation and availability of Brammo’s motorcycles gradually crosses the oceans.

Brammo_Enertia_Burnout (2).jpg 

Available from € 6855 to € 8655 for the Plus version offering more range, the electric motorcycles by Brammo are not only attractive but also performant, here is a smoking proof…


Only one color remains available for the Enertia, while pre-orders of the models "Plus" are open, for deliveries expected in the year -such as their sports model, the Empulse.

Find Brammo’s range here (9 models available)

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