(VIDEO) Tesla Model S presented by its chief designer Franz von Holzhausen

Shortly after the announcement of the final price of their electric sedan ($ 57,400 excluding $7500 government grant or a $ 49,900 retail price), Tesla has posted a video: 2012, the year of Model S.

While the final adjustments are being made on the vehicle -following the presentation of Beta prototypes in the Fremont- Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer of Tesla and George Blankenship, vice president of sales reveal some secrets on the Model S.


The focus was and is to revolutionize the industry in terms of performance, aerodynamics and handling! The chief designer points out that the intentions of the brand, were not only to create the best electric sedan but also the best performance sedan!

To do so, designers and engineers have re-imagined the construction of the vehicle without using traditional construction and methods that Tesla seems to describe as ancestral, the objective, offer a car ahead of its time.
It features a very low center of gravity, thanks to a battery pack located under the axis of the wheels, and many other innovations we have introduced over the articles on Tesla’s electric sedan.

To know if  Mr. von Holzhausen and Blankenship are objective we will have to wait until this fall and the first European deliveries…

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