First Tour de France in an electric vehicle: starting on March 10th!

This is a preview, we team_up with Fabrice CAPITAINE for his Tour de France in an electric vehicle, the objective is to travel 3418 km in 7 days.

Fabrice has already successfully experienced eco-driving with a podium at the Monaco Rally of Alternative Energies behind the wheel of a Toyota Auris hybrid, achieving a power consumption that placed him just behind Eric Comas who won the challenge two times with his Tesla Roadster.
This success gave Fabrice the will to go further ...

tesla 003.jpg 

This time, Fabrice will be driving a Tesla Roadster himself, going for the limit of its specs on long and demanding stages, 6 months of recognition have been necessary for the event.

As support, one vehicle (without generator ...) and a co-pilot, to sum up, a very small margin of error!

A human challenge that will also put Tesla’s technology to the test with some stages of more than 270km! Stages during which minimizing energy consumption will be the main focus.
Two sessions of about 3 hours of driving per day are planned, interspersed with 6h recharging phases. During the charging phase for lunch and dinner, meetings and gatherings will be organized to highlight the potential of electric vehicles and regional initiatives.

Every day, a report will be available on, as the editor of the site, Yann GOBERT will be the co-driver. Inside the vehicle, at the closest of the event, he will be there to transcribe his impressions in the first Tour de France in an electric vehicle.

By the numbers
> Total distance: 3418 kms
> Maximum distance between two stops 272 kms
> Average daily distance 490km
> Partners: FREY Group, Europcar, ASF VINCI, NOVOTEL.
> Map of the stops


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