(VIDEO) Hanebrink: a bicycle at the South Pole (Helen Skelton)

The 28 years old English presenter Helen Skelton (Blue Peter) just completed her challenge by traveling 500 miles (805km) only using the renewable energies. 
In just 18 days (30 in total with the days-off) and relying only the wind and human energy: skis, kite-skiing and… cycling, a world first!

Pushing her 82kg sled and supported by the Norwegian explorer, Niklas Norman, and a logistics team, Helen went through snowstorms and temperatures down to -48 ° C.

This charity expedition has been launched as part of SportRelief. 
With legs ranging from 13 to 64km and a new record with 100km traveled in just 7h28 in kite skiing, Helen has been unworthy.
In total 329 miles (525km) in "kite skiing" 103 (166km) by bike and a 68 (109km) in cross-country skiing.

The actual bike is the well known Hanebrink, a fat tire bike designed by the Californian Fortune Hanebrink (also available in electric version).

Helen arrived today, here are a first words:
"My body hurts in so many different places, mentally I'm exhausted and I've only washed once in the last 30 days, so to be finally standing at the Pole feels incredible."

Via BBC / SportRelief 
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