PG Elektrus: a new electric supercar

We knew the German company PG for their electric bikes, including the Black Trail, the most upscale electric bike in the world.

Taking advantage of the experience with electric propulsion and driven by Michael Froelich, the brand wanted to go further and developed a high performance electric supercar...

Pg-cars_Elektrus (4).jpgPg-cars_Elektrus (4).jpg 

Based on the same recipe as the Tesla Roadster, its chassis is derived from a Lotus Elise, but PG-Cars have greatly modified the car with a lightweight body in fiber-glass reinforced plastic, for a weight of only 900kg.

Its electric motor develops 200kW (272hp) in peak (350Nm) and the brand announces 300kph for 350km of range! Power is transmitted by a gearbox that allows both to change gear manually or automatically, while the motor can make a V8 or Formula 1 sound.

Pg-cars_Elektrus (4).jpg  

Solar panels mounted on the rear power independently the lights, music and interior equipment.

Pg-cars_Elektrus (4).jpg   

On the design side, the front end is a mix between the Fisker Karma and the Maserati Granturismo, its LED headlights are the culmination of the vehicle's stealth look with an interesting design on the rear end.

Pg-cars_Elektrus (4).jpg  

Inside, the “aviation look” switches directly set the tone -further enhanced by the missile inspired button.

Pg-cars_Elektrus (10).jpgPg-cars_Elektrus (10).jpg 

Start of production in Düsseldorf this year at € 285.600, apparently, Brad Pitt has already ordered one...

Dale Vince had also developed an electric Elise, the Nemesis.
Another German supercar is expected this year, the e-Wolf Alpha 2 Race
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