(VIDEO) Toyota TES-ERA: a prototype of electric sports-car

In the family electric conversion at Toyota, after the oldtimer version with the 2000GT SEV, this is the youngtimer version with the TES-ERA based on the Toyota SERA, a coupe from the 90s fitted with butterfly doors.

Created by the Toyota Engineering Society, this vehicle is intended to inspire the present and future generations.

Minimalist and high-tech, the TES-ERA was designed by and for the generation "video games", a touch screen in the center of the steering wheel serves as board computer and can control some of the vehicle’s functions: headlights, turn signals, windows ... This interface also allows to easily change the looks of the tachos, by placing them drag and drop way on the central screen.


It receives the electric motor of the Lexus RX that offers 123kW (167hp) and 335Nm in back wheel drive.

With a total weight of 1150kg and a chassis developed to hosts 72hp and 132Nm initially, the vehicle behavior is playful....

Its 15.7kWh Lithium-Ion battery combined with capacitors that take care of energy recovery provide a range of 80km in classic driving and 50km in race conditions.

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