(VIDEO) Electric motorcycle: the return of Brutus

After an initial presentation of a prototype in March 2010, this project born from the will of one man, Chris Bell, makes a comeback.


Indeed, after the excitement generated by the first images, I must admit that the first tests were slightly disappointing, not a 100% coherent with its Brutal look…

But now it is back, faster and with more range, the first prototype has been modified and improved to provide a top speed of 100mph (160kph), a range of 160km and above all a 0 to 100kph in less than 5 seconds (0 to 60mph in 4.74 seconds).

Electric_Motorbike_Brutus2 (2).jpg 

Its design follows the one  initiated by the first prototype, a new color, a pan to hide the drive. The back is identical while the headlight gets a small windscreen.

Here's a video of the new tests of the bike, followed by a slideshow in Nevada.

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