(VIDEO) Electric Odyssey: Around the world in an electric vehicle

Two young French guys, Xavier Degon and Guy Antonin, both engineers, will take the challenge of a world tour with a Citroen C-Zero, a collaborative project in which they offer to people on their journey to share their plug (Pluggers), thanks to their 30meters extension cord.


An idea already used by two apps to find charging stations : Plugshare in the United States and Plugsurfing in Europe.

The official start of the adventure will take place on February 11th, 2012 from Strasbourg (nod to the yellow cruise).

The Citroën C-Zero will allow 110km range in average, the crew plans to cross 25.000km in 17 countries in 8 months, about 250 charging cycles. 

A Swiss had already left alone with a Twike fitted with solar panels: The Project Icare

Here is a small example of what to expect with the Pluggers.

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