Find of the week : an electric Seven replica (Mk Indy Electric – Thorr)

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This is one of the few copies of the ThoRR, a replica of Lotus Seven, made in Holland by Haselier, this vehicle has been put into circulation on Jan. 1, 2011.

Mk_Indy_electric_Thorr (2).JPG 

Version slightly less powerful and fitted with less battery than the one we have listed in the directory
Its electric drive-train has been developed by Centric Automotive, it has only covered 1000km and is offered at € 35,000 (€ 50,000 new), it features a motor developing 50kW (68hp) in continuous and up to 200kW in peak for 260Nm of torque.


Its 18kWh Thundersky LiFeYPO4 batteries (technology with the greatest number of cycles) allow 80km (racing use) to 150km range.

With a weight of only 695kg, batteries included, the 0 to 100kph takes 7.5 seconds, while top speed stands at 170kph, all with go-kart feeling!


It is apparently the mid-range version of ThoRR, as we knew the 67kW (91hp) version until now, and as the company announces the arrival of a kit version at € 25,000, turning the number of versions available to three with prices ranging from 25 to 70k€.

The car is located in Holland

However, if you want an alternative, especially with a lot more power, you can visit Irmscher...
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