Prius Camper by Campinn: the hybrid motorhome

Least aerodynamic Prius but most efficient motorhome, here is the Prius Camper.

Toyota-Prius-Camper-Campinn (3).jpgToyota-Prius-Camper-Campinn (2).jpg 

If you like your Prius so much that you would be willing to sleep inside it, here's how to have a little extra room and two "real" beds...

Toyota-Prius-Camper-Campinn (4).jpg 

The prototype that is more than just a concept (the transformation is available in Japan) is based on a Prius Plug-in, with a structure made from fiber reinforced plastic. Developed by Campinn, this conversion offers 52 cm more to the hybrid sedan in length and 56cm in height (4.98mx 2.05m)

Thought to offer a maximum privacy and comfort -given the environment-  the Prius Camper features an entrance hall with a glass door fitted with a curtain and a separator for the top bed.

The price of this transformation is not revealed but is for sure cheaper than a motorhome, and also offers lower operating costs ...

Toyota-Prius-Camper-Campinn (6).jpgToyota-Prius-Camper-Campinn (7).jpg 

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