(VIDEO) Personal rover: the sensations of skiing with a personal electric vehicle

The Personal Rover, looks like an electric skateboard with two handles that allows to control and steer the vehicle, it hosts the throttle and brakes in the left handle.

Its tilting system provides sensations very similar to skiing and directly makes you eager to try it.


This innovative electric mobility device is an interesting compromise, easy to use, affordable while remaining fun.
The 800Watt version available in black and red is sold at $ 999 and a 600Watt version, lighter and more compact is under study.

In details, its 800W motor reaches 25kph and the battery (lead-acid for reduced costs) allows 19km of range, while its steel and aluminum structure supports up to 100kg.

The Personnal Rover is also a recreational vehicle with its 10-inch off-road tires

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